Arizona Mechanic's Lien, Bond, and Stop Notice Law 

Thomas Craven, PLLC has extensive practice in lien, bond, and stop notice law. The lawyers at the firm have been representing the Arizona real estate and construction industries in litigation, lien foreclose, and bond claims for over 10 years.

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, materials supplier, or even a lender, being able to make a proper claim on a lien, bond or stop notice can often make the difference as to WHETHER you get paid from a construction project. While a lien, bond or stop notice can put your right to be paid ahead of unsecured creditors, the creation AND perfection of those rights are subject to specific and technical Arizona and Federal laws. For example, each of a lien, bond or stop notice may require the timely exchange of an Arizona 20-day Preliminary Lien Notice The Arizona 20-day Preliminary Lien Notice is not recorded, and is not a lien. is a mandatory prerequisite to a contractor’s or supplier's right to later record a lien, make a bond claim, or to lodge a stop notice. If a contractor or supplier makes an error at any stage of the Arizona 20-day Preliminary Lien Notice process, that error can be FATAL to their efforts to later perfect a lien.

Beyond the Arizona 20-day Preliminary Lien Notice there are numerous issues relating to mechanic’s liens, bond and stop notices about which the lawyer must be aware to be able to enforce the claim, such as the timing of the recordation of the lien, the limitation of time in which to file a lawsuit to foreclose, and limitations on the scope of the lien or bond and their applicability to particular parcels, buildings, and so forth. The lawyers at Thomas Craven, PLLC have extensive knowledge in this area. Additionally, the partners of Thomas Craven, PLLC have taught numerous seminars on lien and bond claims, and act as advisory counsel to one of Arizona's largest lien companies.

Beyond mechanic’s liens, bonds and stop notices, Thomas Craven, PLLC also assist in the enforcement of other types of real property liens, statutory liens, common law liens, medical liens, and judgment liens. The lawyers at Thomas Craven, PLLC has performed both judicial and non-judicial foreclosures on deeds of trust and judgment liens.

If you have a lien claim, or wish to secure such a claim to enforce your rights to collect a debt, contact Thomas Craven, PLLC.

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